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Our franchise model is helping a large number of potential founders to start their own ventures.

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How do we add value?
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We leverage data to integrate sales, order and supply platforms across brands and improve CX of our brand partners
Channel Expansion
Growth hack across large and vertical ecommerce platforms and help scale D2C business.
Optimized operations
Expand and optimize distribution to improve availability
Data driven marketing
Leverage big data & AI to data to forecast demand and optimize advertising, promotions, and pricing.
Digital brand building
Leverage social media, content, and influencer networks to build digital-first brands
Go Global
Leverage our expertise and data to take Indian brands global by developing relevant products and packaging and optimizing global supply chain.

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Think big
Think 100x. Use technology for non-linear growth. Failure and experimentation are essential for growth
Fair, Fast & Founder friendly
Be partner of choice, who is ethical, transparent and collaborative
Customer delight
Customer love matters. Each of our brands needs to be in the top decile of customer experience
Caring Meritocracy
Attract and grow the best talent. Create an inclusive culture where the best ideas win and you have the obligation to engage and dissent
We are frugal with capital and use innovation to grow our brands in a sustainable manner

The Note

Every special moment is meant to be celebrated in special ways and when there is a talk of celebrating joy, there merely remains any scope to overlook the magic of chocolates for building "bonds & Vibes".

We believe " Every special occasion deserves something different, something remarkable!"

We at OLORIO emphasis on the same belief system. We bring all premium brands together so that every avid chocolate lover could easily find the best at one place without any hassle.

Our Scalability is based on selective choices of our customers who have finest desire for premium brands. We work on bringing forth chocolate ecosystem that facilitate our chocolate consumers in india every year.

Just as chocolate suppresses the release of cortisol-a stress hormone, likewise OLORIO suppresses any hassle that our customer encounters while looking for special delights for their special ones.

Olorio offers an innovative, personalized and interactive experience to its customers by allowing them to explore, learn and indulge in the best chocolates from all over the world.

On a regional level, the chocolate market has been classified into North India, East India, West and Central India, South India, where North India currently dominates the Indian chocolate market, and Indian chocolate market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 9.1% during 2022-2027 as per reports of IMARC group.

As a business we believe in bringing and providing spot to all well to do chocolate brands as a big players in the market with our collaborative efforts, plans and strategies.

We would love to have prestigious premium brands flavor added to OLORIO ecosystem

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